A downloadable game for Windows

All of the content used in this game aren't mine. This includes music, sprites and the software used to make this itself. All of the content belongs to their original owners.

So I got bored and decided to make one of the backstories to what I now call 'Sakurasaka'. This one has to be one of the most important backstories called 'Skyward Flight' which suggests things like; flying into the sky or anything along those lines.

I never really drew anything to go along with this story so I don't have any concepts or ideas to continue this project with. However, I'll still 'wing' it and hope for the best. (Such puns)

This game takes up very little space for now (11MB) so I would like some people to play test this EXTREMELY small build.

Thank you so much for reading this! ~Ivan Rakuen

Install instructions

Just extract the folder/ game from the .rar file and play the .exe, isn't that hard really.


SF.rar 11 MB


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