A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Caution: This game has soundtracks used from other games. All resources that don't belong to me obviously belong to other people. The games that I have used the audio from will be changed to original soundtracks.

Hello there! I'm the creator of this project and this might be the first actual project I'm going to do! Though, I can't promise that I will finish this in the next few months, or even years. I know that I will be committed to this project if other people enjoy it.

There are two separate versions of the game, the PC/WINDOWS version and MAC version. If anyone can release the game onto IOS/Android, then please contact me and I'll give the deployed version that can be used to release them onto those devices. Thank you for reading!

P.S: For now, the Windows edition will have an animated title screen and the MAC edition will have a non-animated title screen, I'll later keep both editions the same.

Install instructions

Simply extract the 'RLP' folder somewhere, where you can launch the application.


RLP MAC.zip 79 MB
RLP WIN.zip 80 MB


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Failed to load: img/System/IconSet.png (Mac version)

Sorry, but I'm no longer supporting Rakuen - Last Prism as I have moved on to other projects. Though, if you wish to fix the files, you can access the Windows version which may have the resources that you need to fix it with.

It didn't. I already checked.