A downloadable game for Windows

This is an early project and might not become complete.

JustAnathaRPG was an idea I randomly thought of while not paying any attention in class and just doodling in a book (just kidding.) and I started working on this game on RPG Maker MV, all of the assets aren't mine and belong to their respective owners, mostly Enterbrain and KADOKAWA (I don't remember).

The file is large and I'm working in anyway to make the game small and playable. Please do not judge on small actions I could've made a mistake on. As I have just started on getting used to the controls and what you can do and why I take so long.

This was supposed to be a joke game and probably won't have a sequel or continuation unless good feedback has been achieved.

The current space the game takes up is up to: 450MB or 392MB

If you have much space to spare, please playtest this. If there is any error such as the game not launching, feel free to tell me!

Currently in development and 'slowly' worked on. Currently, a debug build should be here and just little to do. Thank you for reading!

(Possible web browser version coming)

Install instructions

Nothing much other than extracting the game onto your desktop or whatever and just play it. If something goes wrong such as a missing '.png' or something about some missing output or anything that pops up, go ahead and tell me through comments in Youtube or Skype if you have added me, etc.


JAR.zip 392 MB